Environmental Defense Fund is grounded in its longtime commitment to finding the ways that work — and in its efforts to overcome obstacles to the actions and policies needed for a more sustainable environment. Through EDF’s 53 years, there have been successes and there have been challenges, but never a loss of focus on the greater goal of a cleaner, more livable world for all.

The past four years have brought unprecedented challenges as environmental policy came under constant assault in Washington, D.C., and as we witnessed the increasing and, too frequently, unaddressed consequences attributable to the warming of the global climate. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic, with its sharply unequal impacts, raised the urgency for environmental advocates to confront long-underemphasized issues of equity and disproportionate exposure to pollution.

All of us affiliated with EDF and its work are humbled by, and grateful for, your support.

Carl Ferenbach Chair, Board of Trustees
Carl Ferenbach

EDF’s extraordinary staff members — now working in dozens of countries, given our increasingly global focus — have risen to the challenges, as they always have. In this difficult and complex period, our supporters have been exceptional in engaging with the organization and supporting its growing needs. All of us affiliated with EDF and its work are humbled by, and grateful for, your support.

Commencing in January 2021, Mark Heising will assume the role of Board Chair. Mark is a longtime trustee, a thoughtful advocate and a wonderful supporter in innumerable ways. We are delighted that he will be taking on this role. And from me, a very big thank you to all who do so much to make EDF’s efforts successful.


Carl Ferenbach’s signature
Carl Ferenbach
Chair, Board of Trustees

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