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A time like no other

In a year of extraordinary challenges, Environmental Defense Fund has helped spur remarkable progress thanks to your support. Together, we advanced environmental protection around the world — even when the world was locked down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

EDF’s collaborative approach demonstrates the power of understanding diverse perspectives, whether times are good or bad. In 2020, it helped us move forward despite strong political headwinds in the United States. The stories collected in this report tell a tale of perseverance and success.

A new window of opportunity is opening in 2021 with an American president who understands the need for aggressive climate action — and equity. Healing starts with listening, something EDF will be working on harder than ever in the months and years to come. Now is the time for the voices of those most harmed by pollution, natural disasters and climate change to be heard. We pledge not only to listen but also to lift those voices up.

America’s return to the Paris climate accord is happening just in time, as people face worsening wildfires, air pollution, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves, and as countries from the EU to China and South Korea step up their own climate ambitions. We will help turn awareness into action as we continue our work around the world.

But forging lasting solutions is never easy, no matter who’s in charge. Such solutions only happen when broad, durable coalitions come together to support them. We call it finding the ways that work — and it begins by finding common purpose with a broad range of stakeholders who often see the world very differently from one another. At a time of fierce political division, there may be no skill that counts for more.

Thank you for the support that allows us to move forward to meet this moment of urgency and opportunity.

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