We are grateful to all who made gifts between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, including these generous individuals and institutions.

Gifts of $100,000 or more

Acacia Conservation Fund

Action Now Initiative, LLC

AeLK Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, III

Alianza WWF-Fundación Carlos Slim

Jonathan and Kathleen Altman Foundation

Arnold Ventures’ founders, Laura and John Arnold

The David R. and Patricia D. Atkinson Foundation

G. Leonard Baker, Jr. and Mary Anne Nyburg Baker

Barr Foundation

Anita and Joshua Bekenstein

Michael D. Bills

Jeff and Tina Bird

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Blue Marble Fund

David Bonderman

William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation

Breakthrough Energy

Bridgemill Foundation

Brunckhorst Foundation

The Builders Initiative

The Campbell Foundation

Catena Foundation

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (UK)

Clean Air Fund

The Clifford Family Foundation

ClimateWorks Foundation

Fundación Colibrí

Corio Foundation

Cornerstone Foundation

Phoebe Cowles and Robert Girard

Tench and Simone Coxe

Rachel Crane


The Crown Family

Andrew Darrell

Aart de Geus and Esther John

Mr. and Mrs. L. John Doerr

Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller

The Eaglemere Foundation

Earth and Humanity Foundation

Emmett Foundation

Energy Foundation

D. Wilson and Lili Ervin

The Eucalyptus Foundation

Kirsten J. Feldman and Hugh Frater

The Joseph and Marie Field Family Environmental Foundation

Jeanne Donovan Fisher

The Ford Foundation

Gates Family Foundation

Bev Grant

The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment

Mr. Philip and Ms. Alicia Hammarskjold

Heising-Simons Action Fund

Heising-Simons Foundation

High Meadows Foundation

High Tide Foundation

Houston Endowment, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hume

The Joyce Foundation

The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

King Philanthropies

Kingfisher Foundation

Seth and Beth Klarman

Sidney R. Knafel

Kung Guerra Foundation

The Lemelson Foundation

Leon Lowenstein Foundation

Linden Trust for Conservation

LTWSV Fund, an advised fund from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Susan and Stephen Mandel

McCall MacBain Foundation

The McCance Foundation

Ian and Julie McGuire

McKnight Foundation

The Meadows Foundation

Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

Kathryn and James Murdoch

NEO Philanthropy Action Fund

New Venture Fund

Lynn and Nick Nicholas

Oak Foundation

Susan and Bill Oberndorf

Signe Ostby and Scott Cook

Pacific Environmental Coalition

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Panaphil and Uphill Foundations

Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust

Pisces Foundation

Princeton University

Quadrivium Foundation

Gary Rappeport

The Reis Foundation, Inc.

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc.

Robertson Foundation

The Rodel Foundation

The Sall Family Foundation

Sand Hill Foundation

Schlein Family Foundation

Mr. Yang Dong Shao

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Skoll Foundation

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Fred and Alice Stanback

Stiftung ProEvolution

Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly

The Tang Fund

Thiry-O’Leary Foundation

The Viola Fund

David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel

VoLo Foundation

Sue Wagner and Neal Leonard

Sam Walton

The Walton Family Foundation

Water Foundation

Mary Louise Wilson

Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust

Wy’east Foundation

Wyncote Foundation NW

Yang Yamazaki Donor Advised Fund

Yellow Chair Foundation

37 anonymous donors

Gifts of $25,000 or more

Walter and Alice Abrams Family Fund

Dr. Marcia Ann Angle and Mr. Mark Trustin

Arizona Community Foundation

Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation

The Bobolink Foundation

Sarah L. Boles and Family

Shelby W. and Carol Bonnie

Cheryl and Kenneth Branson

Brose Hie Hill Foundation

Howard and Edith Brown

Janet Brownstone and Andrew W. Verhalen

The Children’s Trust c/o The Johnson Company

Crow Hill Foundation

Leslie Dach and Mary Dickie

Michael and Carol Danaher

Dancing Tides Foundation

The Dietzen Family

The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Fund

Susan Ford Dorsey

Paul and Maureen Draper

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Ralph Earle and Jane Mendillo Charitable Gift Fund


Educational Foundation of America

Elhapa Foundation, Inc.

Emerald Gate Charitable Trust

The Fine & Greenwald Foundation, Inc.

Flora Family Foundation

Robert T. Foley

Fondation Ensemble

Fred Alger Management

Robert and Michelle Friend

E. Marianne Gabel

Gilhuly Family Foundation

Ellen B. Godsall

Family of Sue and Tim Gomes

Elaine F. Greene

John A. Grove

Susie Hairston and Charles Soparkar

Ruth and Ben Hammett

Kenneth and Kathy Hao

Ted and Margie Henning

HRH Foundation

Marshall and Yuko Hung Foundation

Tony James

H. Fisk Johnson

Laurie Kayden Foundation

The Honorable Thomas H. Kean

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

James M. Klosty

The Lautenberg Foundation

Edward Lee and Rhonda Righter

Levine Family Foundation

Joseph and Nelly Lombardo

Michael Lowenstein

The Lubert Family Foundation

The Chris and Melody Malachowsky Family Foundation

Mariel Foundation

Martin Foundation

Robert W. McDonnell

Ilse Melamid

Marcia Mellinger and John McAlvay in honor of Rowan Yoshikazu McAlvay

Merck Family Fund

Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady

Thomas and Barbara Metcalf

Anne Meyer

J.S. & S. Michaan Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Mudge Foundation

Frederick Mulder Foundation

Paul E. Murray

Bonnie New Family Fund

Noblelight Foundation

Oceans 5

The Vivian and Paul Olum Charitable Foundation

Gilman Ordway Charitable Lead Trust

The Partnership Foundation

The Pew Charitable Trusts

David Peyton

Isabel and Scott Phillips

John and Alicia Pittard

Anne Powell

The Powell Foundation

Alkes and Megan Price

John Pritzker Family Fund

Aaron Rashti Family Foundation

Diana and Bruce Rauner

Jeff Roberts

Rocca Fund Advisors

Tony and Kyra Rogers Foundation

Sand County Charitable Trust

Roger Sant

Schauble Family Foundation

The Selley Foundation

Seltzer Family Foundation

Gregory and Nancy Serrurier

James and Chantal Sheridan Foundation

The Shifting Foundation

Matthew Shucker

Jeff Shute

Elizabeth Skavish and Michael Rubenstein

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Ronald F. Smith

Smoke Rise Foundation

Walter and Kathleen Snodell

The Sobecki Family Foundation

The Spurlino Foundation

The Barry S. Sternlicht Foundation

Martin F. Sticht

Barbara Stiefel

Steven and Alexis Strongin

The Summit Charitable Foundation

Sustainable Futures Fund

Mr. Kevin C. Tang

Bob and Sandra Taylor

Thanksgiving Fund

Flora L. Thornton Foundation

The Ramos Thomas Foundation

Troper Wojcicki Foundation

Tundra Glacier Fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

James P. Verhalen Family Foundation

Margaret Vicente

Alan and Charlotte Waxman

Cora Weissbourd and Asher Anolic

Sara E. Werder

The Wiancko Charitable Foundation

Adam and Abigail Winkel

Joanne Witty and Eugene J. Keilin

Stephen Wolf

Deann Wright and Luke Evnin

Mark and Katherine Young

Bea and David Zack Memorial Fund

Scott and Samantha Zinober

13 anonymous donors

Gifts of $10,000 or more

Walter and Alice Abrams Family Fund of The Boston Foundation

Andrew and Linda Rosenberg Ach

Acorn Hill Foundation

Michiko and Yuki Aizawa

Roger Alcaly and Helen Bodian

David Allison

Dallas and Louise Anderson Foundation

Gerard M. Anderson

Aziz Ansari

Harold C. Appleton

James Aresty

ARIA Foundation

Ariko Family Foundation

Johnny and Karen Armstrong

Isabel Arnone

Kym Aughtry

The B & W Family Foundation

Robert and Barbara Bachner

Jenny and Greg Baldwin

Jo Anne B. Balling

Steve and Beth Bangert

Tom and Johanna Baruch

Karen C. Bates

Peter Bauer

The Beattie Foundation

William and Debbie Becker

Stephen Beili

Andrew and Audrey Belomyzy Charitable Trust Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation

BeP EarthWise Foundation

Thomas and Jana Bergdall

Jill H. Berliner

David Bills

Black Dog Foundation

Black Dog Private Foundation in memory of Doug Shorenstein

Montgomery and Corrine Blankenship

Jacob Bluestein Foundation

Blumenthal Foundation

Pamela Boll

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie

Tyler Boyce

Eleanor Briggs

Jane Brock-Wilson

Max and Madaline Broude Charitable Foundation

Ruth H. Brown Foundation

Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend

Rev. and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner

Ann and Larry Burns

Burton Snowboards

Susan Okie Bush

Claire and Daniel Caine

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Z. Caner

Betty J. Carl

The Cedar Tree Foundation

Ceres Charitable Foundation

Stephen Charles


Mrs. Darlene Chirman

James and Brigid Christenson

Genie and Niel Christiansen

Gina Cirone and William Petersen

William Claiborn and Berta Finkelstein

Climate Ride, Inc.

Ellen and Casey Cogut

Charles F. Cohen

The Coldiron Family Foundation

Colwell Family Fund

Brian and Lucy Conboy

Martha Ehmann Conte

C. David Cook

CSP Foundation

Cummings Christensen Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Curry

The Daniel Legacy Foundation

Carolyn and Gordon Davidson Family Foundation

Sharon S. Davis

Andrea O. Dean

Anne L. Dean

Dennis Deck

Del Mar Global Trust

Rajnikant and Helen Desai

Shannon and Hannah Dew

Timothy DeWolf and Cristina Campbell

Dietrich American Foundation

Rowena Dodson and Roger Rosner

Mike and Dorothy Don

Joyce C. Doria

Michael and Janet Dow

Duff & Phelps Charitable Foundation

Alan and Lisa Dynner

Timothy and Eliza Earle

Walter and Ursula Eberspacher Foundation

George Eberstadt and Cynthia Young

The Educational Projects Foundation

Elbaz Family Foundation

Elmo Foundation

The Eubanks Memorial Trust

In honor of Malcolm Evans

Eric Fahs

Wayne L. Feakes

Lois B. Feldman

Ferencz Family Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Howell and Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson

Daniel Feuser

Mr. and Mrs. Irvine D. Flinn

Linda S. Flower

John and Laura Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Friedman

Justine E. Frischmann

Diane Froot

Dan and Mareth Fulton

Sara and Damon Gadd Family Foundation

Mary C. Gale

Geoffrey C. Garth

Alan and Virginia George

Scott and Jessica Gerber

Edward and Verna Gerbic Family Foundation

Ginny Gilder and Lynn Slaughter

Frances Ginsberg

The Glastenbury Foundation

James B. Godshalk, Jr. and Marjorie Lundy

Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust

Jeffrey Greve and Janis Kahn

Brigit and Mike Grimm

Growing Tree Foundation

The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation

Rainer Gustin

Guttag Family Foundation

Robert and Katherine Haas

Randall and Mary Hack Foundation

Deborah Halliday

Nancy C. Hammond

The Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation

Jessie M. Harris

Joseph and Margaret Harris

Gurnee and Marjorie Hart

June Heintz

George Hickmet

The Higgins Family Foundation

Alice Hill

Darcy Hitchcock and Dale Graham

Augusta Brown Holland

Steven C. Holtzman

Alison Holtzschue and Douglas Schloss

John M. Horner

The Houser Foundation, Inc.

Scott and Betsy Howard

Howell Family Charitable Fund

Kimberly M. Hughes

Clifford Hunte

Catherine Ireland

The J C T Foundation


The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation

Meredith James

Michael and Susan Jamesson

Harold and Betsy Janeway

Jeniam Foundation

Bruce and Linda Johnson

Grace G. Johnson

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Morton and Merle Kane

Terry Karl

Natalie Kim

Sally Kirwin

James and Peggy Knapp

The Kroon Foundation

Mr. Fred Krupp and Ms. Laurie Devitt

David and Ellen Lake

Baye and Michael Larsen

William J. Layton

The Leblang Charitable Foundation

Leestma Family Foundation

William Lenarz

Sara and Josh Leslie

Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation

James and Roberta Littlefield

Kevin M. Litwack

Lloyd Family Foundation

William F. Logan

Daniel Lollar

Frederick J. and Marcy Trent Long

The Looker Foundation

Dale and Frank Loy

Tom Wallace Lyons

Scott and Carla MacLeod

Ann S. Mandel

Gary and Karen Martin

Tom and Musa Mayer

David McCarty

Jeanette McDonald

Grey and Sarah McLean

Maria Menendez

Menendez/Corban Fund

Jerry Meyer and Nina Zingale

The Micah Foundation

Miller Family Charitable Trust

John and Jennifer Monsky

James J. Moran

Thomas and Lydia Moran

Sandra J. Moss

MRB Foundation, Inc.

Constance M. Hoguet Neel

Susan Nelson-Benway

Peter Neumeier and Gillian Taylor

Sheridan Nicholson

Susanna Nicholson

Sisi Nimbus

Janet R. Nymann

Oak Lodge Foundation

O’Leary Family Fund

Olson Family Foundation

Nina Orville and Ed Nammour

Overhills Foundation

Andy Ozment and Ragnhild Handagard

Daniel and Amy Palladino

The Parke Family

Randy Peeler and Kate Kellogg

George D. and Kristina Emanuels Phipps

Sharon Piekarski

J. Crayton Pruitt Foundation

The Racoosin Family Foundation

Kent Radspinner

Alan B. Ranford

Records-Johnston Family Foundation, Inc.

Remmer Family Foundation

Lisa Renstrom and Robert M. Perkowitz

The Migsie and Gar Richlin Foundation

Alexander and Claire Ridings

Greggory Riehm and Caroline Vannatta

Irene Ritter Foundation

Paul and Carolyn Rizza

Stephanie and Mark Robinson

James Robo and Meredith Trim

David Roe and Sukey Lilienthal

Gay Rogers

Decker and Jessica Rolph

Molly O. Ross

Rothschild Family Charitable Foundation

Scott Russell and Susan Davis

A & J Saks Foundation

Salomon Family Foundation

Marilyn G. Salon

Francisca Samra

Joshua Saxe and Hillary Sanders

Diane H. Schetky

Ed and Mary Schreck Foundation

Bryan and Eva Schreier

Claudia Schweikert and Jeff Tangney

Seedworks Fund

Katherine Seligmann

Ms. Hahnah Seminara

Todd and Kathleen Shapley-Quinn

Gautam Shine

Tracy Shoolman

Anne F. Slichter

Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation

Dr. Barbara Sollner-Webb and Mr. Denis Webb

Gary Sosa and Winifred Woodford

Matt and Marnie Spiegel

The Betty J. Stebman Fund

Elizabeth Steele

George and Judith Stevens

Katherine Stookey

Sustainable Solutions Foundation

Joyce and Steven Tadler

Tricia Takacs and Ron George

Jason Targoff and Marcella Anderson

Jeff and Patricia Tarr

Mark & Amy Tercek Foundation

Samuel Test

William and Joyce Thibodeaux

Janice E. Thompson

Truvvo Wealth Management in honor of Jeanne Donovan Fisher

Mark and Kimberly Tsocanos

Alex and Nell Twining

The Elsie P. van Buren Foundation

Daniel and Dianne Vapnek

The Viola Fund

Robert and Wendy Vishny

Vollmer Family Foundation

Willa Warren

William and Sharran Warren

Stephen A. Weiss, Jr.

Ann and Carden Welsh

Peter and Linda Werner

The David F. and Sara K. Weston Fund

Dean and Nathalie Weyer

James and Pamela Wilson

The Milton and Beatrice Wind Foundation

The Winston Foundation

Nancy Hamill Winter

Scott and Linda Wolpert

Jasmine Wong

Mary Worman

John Anthony Wright and Ada Fransca-Ponce

Alan and Irene Wurtzel

Patricia A. Yingst

Merryl Zegar

Jack D. Zipes and Carol H. Dines

Sharyn and Gail Zunz

13 anonymous donors

Gifts of $5,000 or more

The David and Joyce Ackerman Fund

Jon Adams and Pamela Conover

The Agler-Rice Family Foundation

Amazon Services, LLC

Kate Anderson

Melissa C. Andrea

Lester S. Andrews

Brian Arbogast

Arbor Rouge Foundation

Joanna Arch and David Andorsky

K. Armitage

Maria Gea Arredondo

Gary L. Aten

Steven Averbuch and Rachel Rivest

Richard and Patricia Avery

David Bacher

Sydney Backstrom

James Baird

Diana and Joffre Baker

Dale L. Ball

Foster Bam

The Wes and Victoria Bannister Charitable Fund

Wade and Marina Barber

Fredrick H. Barth Foundation

Micol Bartolucci

Diane Bastan

Bear Gulch Foundation

John Beatty

Constance Beaty

Hal and Brooke Beecher

Tyler Beinlich

Todd Belt

Wendy W. Benchley

David A. and Dr. Sandra B. Benckendorf

Mary and David Benin

Judson J. Benjamin

Stephen Benko

The Bergstrom Foundation

Annika and Jake Berman

Bernheim Foundation, Inc.

David Bernstein

Rose S. Bethe

Edwin Blacka

Susan and Thomas Blandy

Barry and Sharla Boehm

Trevor Bond

Colleen M. Bondy

Marc Boots

Craig Bowman

Boyer Foundation

John and Marsha Brand

Adrienne Brandriss

Bresky Foundation

Daniel and Ellen Briggs

Arthur and Brenda Bright

Mark and Judith Brodsky

Gary Brune

Daniel Bunting and Brenna Vincent

Michelle Burandt

Elaine Burke

John Bush

Jonathan and Natalie Byrum

John and Elizabeth Caflisch

John and Christine Campbell

The Cappetta Family Foundation

Kiera and James Carlisle

Deborah Carmichael

Mary Carmody

John and Nancy Cassidy

Nancy D. Castle

Barbara F. Cates and Matthew D. Stremba

Carol Cavanaugh

Hsu Hwa Chao Foundation

Chapman and Cutler LLP

Diana Chien

Barbara Chu

Jean M. Clark

Kelly Clark

Clermont Foundation

William Coder and Corinne Null

George Cogan and Fannie Allen

William and Marjorie Coleman

John and Ann Collier

Margaretta B. Colt

Deborah Colton

Marlies Comjean

Christopher Cone

Serena S. Connelly

David Cooper

Gayle Countryman-Mills

William Cozean

Robert L. Crowell Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

William Crudup

Jayme C. Curley

Robert and Leslie Cutler

Austin Daily

Isaiah Brandon and Kelli Damron

Benjamin Damsky

Joanne Davenport Johnson

Mark Davidow

James B. Davis

Marty Davis

Michael and Dudley Del Balso

David Deutsch

Wayne and Diane Diamond

Alice DiNisco

Margaret S. Donaldson

Jessie Douglas

Kathleen Doyle

Ellen Dreiling

Drummy Charitable Trust

John Dryden and Diana Raimi

DuBose Family Foundation

Karen Durlach

Paul J. Eakin

James and Nancy Eastman

Rachel Edelson

Daniel and Marina Eisenbud in memory of Cathy Bell

Peter Ellis

Mark Erickson and Deborah Bock

Steve Euller and Nancy Roehr

E. Joseph Evans Charitable Trust

Robert S. Fabry and Susan M. Taylor

Finley Family Charitable Foundation

William S. Fisher

Gregory Foote

Robert and Joyce Foster

Will and Pauline Fox

Franklin Philanthropic Foundation

Martha Fraundorf

Heather Freeman

Edward and Ruth Friedman

Keith Frost

Don Ganem and Peggy Weintrub

Ron Garber and Rebecca Garbett

Katharyn Garcia

Terrence Gerlach

Anthony and Susan Gilroy

Bonnie Glisson and Robert Warner

William and Linda Goldman

Chris Goodwin

Dr. Philip R. Gordon

Margaret Graff and Richard Higgins

The Joyce Green Family Foundation

The Stewart and Constance Greenfield Foundation

Rita and Leo Greenland Family Foundation

Deborah Greenwald

Andre Gregory

Barbara B. Gruver

Gay Gullickson

Karen P. Gupta

Eric and Elaine Hahn

Halperin Family Foundation

Torreya L. Hamilton

Douglas Hammer and Patricia Durham

David Hansen and Elaine Fuchs

Gerry and Linda Hare

Barbara S. Haroldson

Sean Harrington

Dr. Kathryn S. Heath and Mr. Henry Thomas Webb, III

Bill and Barbara Heil

Lynn and Rick Hendricks

Theresa Herman

David Hermeyer and Samuel Wantman

Connie Hershey

Bruce and Barbara Heublein

Kristin Hirsch

Eric A. Hirst

Robert L. Hoguet, III

Olivia Holding

Mary Holstein

Richard and Nancy Holwell

Holzworth Family Fund

Joyce Day Homan

Lola Lloyd Horwitz

Daniel House

Donna Howard

Peter and Deborah Hunsberger

Shirley F. Hunt

Douglas Ihde and Melissa Mills

Ann Ingersoll

Lori E. Ireland

Mary J. Irwin

J. Atwood Ives

Margaret C. Ives

Herrick and Elaine Jackson

Sulara James

Elizabeth Jennings

Robert Jennings, Jr. and Barbara Bott

Jean and Arthur Jerbert

Coddy Johnson

Earl Johnson

Richard P. Johnson

Margaret Johnston

Robert L. Jones

The Terrell B Jones Charitable Foundation

The Kahle Foundation

Emily G. Kahn

Dale S. Kammerlohr

Harriet A. Karkut

Alan and Joyce Kaynard

Edward Keiderling

Bess Keller and Michael Terrin

Robert Kelly and Lisa Butler

Jeanette Kennedy

Kay Kennon

Edward and Kathleen Kerbs

John Kern and Valerie Hurley

Jeanie and Murray Kilgour

Paul and Judith Kindel

Barbara Kingsolver and Steven Hopp

Cary Kinross-Wright

The Kirby Family Foundation

Derek and Lisa Kirkland

Mary Ellen Klee

Tom and Kate Klein

Kathleen Knepper

Knowledge Freedom Foundation

James Knowles

Jason Konzelmann

Kevin Kopczynski

Mark Kreher

Dr. and Mrs. Jan Krupp

Gregory M. Kunert and Carol A. Watson

Erika Kunkel

Max Lagally

Luis and Lee Lainer

Robert and Vivian Lamb

Emily Landecker Foundation

Millicent T. Lang

The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation

Murray and Deborah Lapides

Bonnie Lautenberg

Joan A. Leake

Kin Pong Lee

Mitch Lee

Randy and Mari Lee

Tricia Lee

Louise E. Lees

Sally Lewis

Ronald Libby and Janene Miller

Blair and Brian Lichter Charitable Fund

Roger and Florence Liddell

Julia D. Liebeskind

Michael Lin

Thomas Linder

Christine Lindstrom

Christopher J. Lingle

Harry and Elizabeth Linneman

Martin and Jennifer Lipman

Lipman Family Foundation

Todd Lippincott

Philip Livingston

Lyn Lockhart-Mummery

Lee Lockwood

Paul Lombardi

Katherine C. Lowden

Deborah Lucas

The Lumpkin Family Foundation

Dorothy M. Lurie

Richard D. Lynton

Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin

Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, Inc.

Myra Malkin

Robert Malley

Norman B. Mandelbaum

David and Deborah Marcus

Gerald Marinoff

Sumner Marshall

Nancy Ambers and George S. Massar

Robert and Doretta Marwin

Thornton Matheson

The Mathews Family Charitable Fund

Mattlin Foundation

William and Leslie Mayo-Smith in honor of Worthington Mayo-Smith

John P. McBride Family and the Aspen Business Center Foundation

Nellie McCabe

Frederick and Holly McConnaughey

Terri McHenry

Mr. Bruce McIntyre

The Melanie and Matthew McLennan Foundation

MCS Foundation

The Meeker Rom Family Foundation

The Melling Family Foundation

Andrew and Suzanne Meneilly

James and Kristine Merritt

Paula D. Merritt

Betty Merten

Jerry and Kathy Meunier

Karin Moe

Kathryn B. Mohr

James W. Mold

Gene and George Anne Monger

Elizabeth Moore

Mario and Dana Morino in honor of their family and friends

Gail M. Morrison

Laura Mountcastle

Michael and Stephanie Moy

Margaret T. Munch

Catherine Nardone

The John and Shirley Nash Foundation

National Center for Healthy Housing

Harriet Natsuyama

Frank and Allison Navarro

John Needham

Paul Newacheck and Elaine Chan

Nirvana Manana Institute

Ruprecht and Elizabeth and Nitschke

Lori Nixon

Robert and Anita Norman

Mark Noseworthy

Sarah and Jed Nussdorf

Matt and Leah Odette

Leslie J. Oelsner

Richard Oestreich

Patricia Orlosky and Jerry Kilpatrick

Kathleen O’Rourke

Lida Orzeck

Jason Patel

George and Juliana Patten

Blake and Dana Pelton

Norman John Peterson, Jr.

Phoebe Peterson

Carol and Andrew Phelps

Nuri Benet and John Pierce

Arthur Pike and Amy Corron

Daniel Pinkel

M Piuze Foundation

The Pizzo Family

Edna H. Platte

Demetrius Pohl

Lester Poretsky Family Foundation

Kent Pressman and Susan Roudebush

Lila and Brooks Preston

Mary Norris Preyer Fund

Ellie Phipps Price

Prior Family Foundation

Ms. Claire B. M. Proffitt

Sara Quinlan

Robert and Susan Quinn

Erik and Kendra Ragatz

Brian and Sherry Ramsay

Carolyn Rathbun

Barbara S. Reese

Carol Rehn

Kathleen Reichs

H. Eustis and Frederica G. Reily Family Fund

Jean Renfield-Miller

William and Eleanor Revelle

The Riley Family Foundation

Sheila Rizzo

RK Charitable Fund

Rocker Family Foundation

Lisa and Mike Roe

Dwight Rogers and Margaret Gillespie

Judy and Don Rogers

John and Jen Rohde

Denise Roman

David and Elizabeth Rome

Bruce and Lori Laitman Rosenblum Family Fund

Jack and Lynne Rosser

Theodore H. Rubenstein

Beverly Rubin

Karl and Alice Ruppenthal Foundation for the Arts

Helen K. Ruskin

RZ Foundation

Vanessa Salvi

Sandpiper Fund, Inc.

Frank Sandy

Nathan Savin and Susan Enzle

Lily A. Sayre

Lore Schirokauer

Michael Schubmehl

Justin Schuh

Steve Schultz

Sara Lee Schupf

David Schwartz and Tonia Wisman

Ellen Seh

Stephanie Sellars

Serendipity Foundation

Susan Shane

Shanks Family Fund

Mary Ellen Sheehy-Reed

Frederick and Vicky Sigworth

Charles Sikora

Christina Simpson

Alan Smith and Christie Snyder

Bill D. Smith

Smith Family Legacy Foundation

Isabel Snyder

Mary Lou Solecki and Timothy Wendt

Robert and Joanne Solem

Seung Wook Son

James and Camille Spar

Philip and Amy Speare

Antoinette and Kenneth Spears

Spector Family Foundation

Robert and Leslie Speidel

Sarah Spencer

Jim F. Spevak

Betty Spieler

The Edward S. Sprague Foundation

Lee Sprague

Robert Stamps and Loretta Satterthwaite

The Steedman Family Foundation

Stegman Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Lynn Stern and Jeremy Lang Family Foundation, Inc.

David Stone

Richard and Peggy Strack

Sarah Marie Streed and Roger Luhn

The Stuart Family Foundation

Janet and Worth Summers

Paula Sutor

Suwinski Family Foundation

Jeff Swartz

Stephen P. Synnott

David Sze and Kathleen Donohue

Aditya Tammana

The Tartell Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Tarwater

The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

Dr. Jean Taylor

The Tides Foundation

Christopher Tower

Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao

Rodham E. Tulloss

Uberoi Foundation

Sarah and Jim Umberger

Richard D. Urell

Robert and Paula Van Akkeren

David and Lydia Vandenbergh

Martha L. Vaughan

Deborah Venator

The Michael and Rebecca Vest Foundation

Judith Wagner

Michael Wahl

Roger and Mary Wallace

Mark Walters

Nancy E. Wang

Charles A. Waters

Bill Weaver

Dr. Andrew Weil

Weil Family Foundation

Paul J. Weissman

Frederick Weitz

Linden and Judith Welch

William Wells

Randolph and Sue Wentworth

Mariquita West

Putney and Anne Westerfield

Mathilde C. White

Jeffrey Wihtol

Kenneth and Lois Wildrick

Robert Wiley

William R. Wiley

The Willow Foundation

Robert Wintroub

D. Miller and Claudia Wise

Kenneth P. Wong

Carolyn Wood

The WRG Foundation

George M. Wyman

Margaret Wynn

Miriam and Robert Zadek in honor of Sue Mandel

The Zephyr Fund

James Zetzel and Katharina Volk

Zuma Trading, Inc.

2 anonymous donors

Government partnerships

We are partnering with the following government agencies and multilateral organizations:

Amazon Environmental Research Institute

California Wildlife Conservation Board

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

City of Houston

Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research

German International Climate Initiative/Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

Global Maritime Forum

National Academy of Sciences

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency

Southern States Energy Board

The World Bank Group

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service